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Scarlett @scarlett - 2 hours

GoPro cameras pinned to dogs. Virtual reality wedding videos, the driverless wedding car and 3D printed wedding dresses. Interesting to think about how tech will change our lives.

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Scarlett @scarlett - 2 hours

'She was not a-moo-sed!' #FakeNews at its finest in England hahah. 'Mum furious after her toddler was banned from birthday Vegan birthday party for wearing cow outfit.'more

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Okay, so I hear what you are saying. What are these benefits? I think I'm not understanding what the benefits of augmented reality will actually be.

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Convenience and ease in daily life. Some realistic examples for a mainstream consumer:
1. Turn-by-turn driving instructions w/o looking down at dashboard
2. Automatic Amazon ...more

It's hard to deny that she got a lot of attention, if not from investors at least from the media, because she's a young attractive woman. It's the same reason Marissa Mayer ...more

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Anonymous @Anonymous - 1 day

I'm a male. I agree it doesn't reflect badly on women overall. Now, if she were hawking an overpriced juicing machine, that's another matter :)

One thing it perhaps reflects ...more

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I've always wondered how certain technologies might be different, or remain largely the same, based on what nations/ethnicities developed them.
Eg, if as a whole Black ...more

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DarrenSG @SilverAndGold - 1 day

A good take the Juicebro brouhaha.
I understand experimentation, fads, etc in new products, but Juicero was always on the more satirical end of the spectrum.more

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The whole idea doesn't make any sense scientifically. The machine was supposed to press pre-cut fruits inside the bag, so that you're getting the equivalent, in theory, of ...more

Maybe. Though maybe not.
From the original Bloomberg piece:
""[A]fter the product's introduction last year, at least two Juicero investors were taken aback after finding the ...more

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Anonymous @Anonymous - 1 day

Love the couchsurfing move! Ha ha!
As a consumer and worker in the tech space (helping bring more free/better products and services to consumers), I really don't like and can't ...more

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I'm not a fan of the Airbnb model. Rentals are certainly cheaper than hotels, but a big part of that is from the circumvention of zoning and regulations.

My neighbors and the ...more

White Tiger @awkward_truth - 1 day

Pure speculation: was Ruth was hired because they already wanted to cut down on costs and wanted a figurehead?more

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Anonymous @Anonymous - 18 hours

Google did need to get a better handle on their expenses, especially since they had missed Wall St expectations for several quarters leading up to Ruth joining.
Google's ...more

Stock price over past five years. The line is when Ruth joined, +- a few days.
Wall Street evidently likes what it's hearing.

Anonymous @Anonymous - 17 hours

The growth seemed fairly strong (at least, before Q1 2014) before though.

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I think its so important, especially when so many people are unaware of what goes on behind-the-scenes of the content they see, to enforce greater transparency on what is ...more

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And a timely article and action by FTC.
"In a landmark bout of activity, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has announced that it is, in fact, watching celebrities, athletes, ...more

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I had no idea about this. Wow. I can imagine it is definitely difficult to shut them down.

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